Updated October 3, 2011

Our Guarantee

If your child attends the first class of the program and it does not meet your or your child's expectations, you are eligible for a full refund. Your teacher must receive your request before the next class so other students may have the opportunity to join the class.


All MusIQ Club classes are held on-site at various school locations. If you don't find your child(ren)'s school in our list of locations, please contact us to find out how to bring MusIQ Club to your school.

Registration and Payment

Registrations made online at www.musiqclub.com are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Online payment of the Registration Fee is required. We accept major credit cards. MusIQ Club teachers, managers, and school officials do not accept payment. If you need help, contact us at 888.999.6434
  • The Registration Fee is calculated for the Term (not individual classes). A reduced fee is not available for late registrations.
  • Your child is fully registered for the class only when payment is received and you have been issued a receipt (via email). Class sizes are small, prompt payment is recommended.
  • Schools do not participate in the registrations process. Registrations received at the school are not the responsibility of MusIQ Club. Do not send monies to the school.


See our guarantee above. Refunds are not available after the second class. Refund requests made prior to the start of the program will be charged a $10 processing fee.

Missed/Canceled Classes

MusIQ Club is a group class, therefore classes missed by individual students due to illness, lack of transportation or any other scheduling conflict cannot be refunded or credited. Please contact your MusIQ Club Program Director in case of extenuating circumstances.

In the event of a canceled class, every effort will be made to offer a make-up class at a later date. Classes canceled due to poor weather conditions are not refundable, nor can a credit for future registration be issued.

Class Size

Classes must meet minimum enrollment to run. When possible, we group children by age and/or skill level. If a specific class does not meet minimum enrollment, we may offer an additional class at a different time and/or location.

Behavior Guidelines

MusIQ Club strives at all times to provide fun musical activities to all children. Part of having fun is excitement, and we allow lots of room for that to happen. However, in order to fulfill our commitment we ask that all children enrolled adhere to basic behavioral guidelines. Our instructors set clear boundaries and expectations as to appropriate conduct and we will hold all students to these expectations. If a child becomes disrespectful of others we will notify you immediately and ask for your help.

MusIQ Club has a zero-tolerance policy regarding violence of any kind. Children exhibiting violent behavior will be asked not to return to MusIQ Club and our refund policy will apply.

Pick-up Policy

Our pick-up policy is in place to protect your child(ren)'s safety. Your feedback on our policy is welcome. We recommend sending signed note with your child(ren) advising the MusIQ Club teacher of your desired pick-up arrangements.

  • Pick up your child promptly at the end of class. MusIQ Club is not responsible for children before or after the stated class time. MusIQ Club reserves the right to charge a fee for each late pick-up greater than 5 minutes.
  • Meet your child inside the school at the classroom door.
  • We will release your child to you, your spouse or to who you have specifically designated on the registration form.
  • If someone else will pick up your child, you must send a signed note. This includes siblings, friends or neighbors.
  • If someone else will regularly pick up your child, please let your child know.

Walk or Afterschool Daycare

  • Children who walk home will be released as soon as class is over.
  • Children who go to after-school daycare program will be released as soon as class is over. Parents/guardians are responsible for the arrangements with caregivers to pick up children after the class.

Late Pick-up

  • Late pick-up charges begin 5 minutes after the end of class.
  • The late pick-up charge is $5 plus $1.00 per additional minute and will be charged to your payment method on file.

About the MusIQ Club Software Subscription

Your child's MusIQ Club Registration includes downloadable, unlimited, full-feature access to all the MusIQ Club software titles (over $450 retail value).

What does the MusIQ Club Software Subscription include?

  • Access to all the MusIQ Club software.

Do I need a piano keyboard?

  • Yes. Specifically, you need a MIDI piano keyboard (a digital keyboard that connects to your computer via a USB cable or a ‘MIDI to USB’ adapter). For quality and value, we recommend the M-Audio KeyRig 49. However any MIDI keyboard will work.

What are the system (computer) requirements?

  • P/K - 2nd Grade: Windows 7/Vista/XP or Macintosh OSX and an internet connection.
  • 3rd Grade and up: Windows 7/Vista/XP and an internet connection.

How will I receive the Monthly Subscription?

  • You will be granted access to all the software via email.

When am I charged?

  • Your Subscription is included with your registration

How can I cancel?

  • Your subscription expires automatically after 90 days.

I subscribed, but never received a confirmation.

  • Chances are the Download Instructions email went to your junk mail. Add the email address admin@musiqclub.com to your email client’s ‘Contacts’ or ’safe list’. Also, check to be sure you sent us your correct e-mail address.